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Klintagården's concert program is a magnet for music lovers of all ages and tastes. With a diversity that spans pop, rock, gospel and other genres, visitors are invited into a harmonious world of sound. From the lively tones of pop concerts to the powerful energy of rock events and the soulful spirituality of gospel, there is something for everyone. The inclusive program creates a community where music unites people across generations and creates memorable moments in Klintagården's unique concert environment.



Klintagården is perfect for confirmation camps, teenage camps, parish weekends and other types of camps.

Weeks 26 and 27 Equmeniakyrkan Region East arranges confirmation camp at Klintagården. You can find more information about the camp on the region's website,

The restaurant

The restaurant has room for 150 guests. When the weather permits, there are also seats on the balcony or outside in the sun. During high season, we serve breakfast, today's lunch and hot dishes. You can also buy coffee and ice cream in our restaurant.

The restaurant is now closed for the season. Only breakfast service for booked guests, 8-9.30am.

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Opening hours

Mon–Fri: 09–18 Sat: 10–14 Sun: closed


Get in touch!

Klinta Bodars väg 8

387 50 Köpingsvik

Phone:  0485-722 40

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